Twilight saga - Stupid BELLA!!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, couldn’t resist any longer. What the hell on earth could S.Meyer create such a holy crap Bella??? Reading , oh no, skimming desperately to the end of New Moon, and couldn’t stand her stupid characteristics and silly, brainless, heartless actions!!! Spare me, Bella. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!

I was sort of getting excited abt this vampire world in the first Twilight, searching immediately for the other 3 sequels. Twilight was not an outstandingly beautiful or a perceptive novel, yet I hold my breath to follow Meyer’s imagination, to admire and dream of godlike Edward, to giggle, flush now and then at a sweet romance between human-vampire,… With all that emotions burning in my head, I was longing to continue my fanciness with New Moon. Unfortunately, Bella ruined everything. Or in another word, Meyer did. Half of the book and there was no glues for the content of this sequel. I was completely lost and bored with normal life of an uninteresting girl – Bella. Then the story went on with the return ( or the more digging) of Jacob character. I believed he could act as a hero, to save this stupid New Moon. He did try, and somehow did succeed abt 2/5 of the book. Yet, as I mentioned above, dump-weak-uninteresting-heartless-brainless-b!!! Bella ruined everything. She USED Jacob!!!!! To recover from her broke-up. Wth on earth could she do that to him, the one desperately and whole-heartedly loved her, the one tried very hard to please her, the one who risked his security to protect her!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!! Guess what, in return to his love, she left without a word to follow her love. Ok, it’s ok to follow your true love, yet it’s no reasonable excuse for her to USE Jacob to fulfill the loss in her heart. She knew she would hurt him, still she didn’t stop doing it!!!

Don’t know why Meyer built up such that girl!!!!

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