V's day tomorrow

It's been kinda long time since the last post . Have been inspired by various colors of feelings and thoughts, yet been trapped in workloads and parties ... Have been up and down the whole last 2 months for silly and ugly reasons ... Have been thinking alot about someone and the-same-alot about another someone ... ... V's day is tmr, but guess wat, there is no such excitement in my brain, not even an awaiting feeling or any jealousy for not having anything special to do tmr ... Actually got flowers from Vince this morning. Admittedly that i was a bit surprised ( althou i was the one asked him to buy me some flowers >.< ), however, it seems that that surprise wasnt strong enough to knock out the lonely feeling. My heart still in frozen status and my brain doesnt work properly these days . ... V's day, such a sweet term for couples around the world. But not for me . To be honest, I have never ever had a true romantic V's day just for 2 .... Am I asking too much ? Am I such a demanding lady ? Cmeo.