Dust in the wind

I am in my world now. My own world.

"All they are is dust in the wind"

The day we were born in this world, we are destined to be dust. It was default. Nothing last forever, even the cold November rain.
We live to breathe. We live to eat. We live to hurt and cause painfulness. We live to kill. The older we grow, the less wiser we become.

I have got you in my life for real. The pains you caused to me was meaningless in consideration to the joyfulness and fullness you bring to me. I do and will love you enough to let you go and spread your wings to the far far sky. I do and will protect you enough to let you fall and stand up on your own. I do and will cry you a river seeing you growing up and being happy with your decisions. I do and will make you a fortune with all the books and music I have collected. I do and will be your partner when the world seems meaningless to you. I do and will with all my heart and my strength.

Sometimes I trust no more on myself. Sometimes I don't believe I can break the comfort zone to do my things. Yet, for you I can.

You need not to become a perfect human. No one can be. You live once, just make it meaningful and worthy for every seconds, my dear.

It is July, 2014.

When can I be Cmeo again? When..